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MT Tower Metaverse
We are here to bring brand new Metaverse platform about lifestyle



Meet brands, meet influencers & celebrities, create your own influence



Social Media 3.0, aka MT Tower, is a lifestyle and gaming platform built on Polygon that allows people to make new social connections, meet brands and create their own world, sharing it with each other outside and inside.


Because our audience is looking for a new platform with a new approach towards engagement with culture, virtual, art, brands, and people. As a space where everything is about virtual interactions, the Metaverse can expand beyond existing social media platforms and has the ability to answer all those needs with tokens, entertainment, and immersive experiences that allow them to express themselves and connect with others in a unique way.

Objective of the Program
(for teams reference)

Drive awareness, encourage positive word of mouth & get the project in front of the right people
Educate about the space and refer audience to MT Tower to learn more about Social Media 3.0

MT Tower ambassadors are a passionate group of people from our community who want to support each other's growth and spread the message about the change we are hoping to bring within social media.

We are looking for blockchain enthusiasts, shopping & lifestyle influencers who want to connect with our potential users and help us connect with them meaningfully.



Content Creators have a role in educating the public about the project & advocating for the brand through engaging and informative content in the form of graphics and videos, blogs, podcasts, or articles. Content will go out on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.


Promotional ambassadors are responsible for promoting the brand messages via their channels. They represent MT Tower by commenting and providing positive statements, and therefore expanding the network of the project. They share posts and serve as advocates to encourage their followers to follow MT Tower on social media.


They have the skills to write keyword focus articles that are SEO friendly. Each article will focus on a unique topic intended towards a different target audience.


Ambassador of the month:

The MT Tower Ambassador program is designed to encourage commitment, loyalty and to recognize the value added to the community. Ambassadors will be given weekly rewards in the form of token allocations. Viral content, excellent engagement, and stand-out ambassadors will get to be named “Ambassador of the Month” and will be given higher rewards such as 500 USDT worth of MT tokens.

Result based bonuses:

If you meet your weekly targets on a regular basis, your income potential has no limits! Such as if you meet your completed tasks you will get double in the following month.

Ambassador Rules

Ambassadors must abide by the following rules to take part in this program: No disparaging remarks or language be used across all roles. Comments made on race, culture, slurs, etc. are intolerable and will result in automatic disqualification.
A full understanding of the project and use cases are a must to be a part of the project and understand the product to provide an objective evaluation. All ambassadors need to follow MT Tower on Instagram, twitter and must have joined the telegram group before they start their quest. Adherence to your local marketing laws, rules and regulations and make disclosures on your posts as required by such laws. MT Tower shall not take any responsibility for misleading endorsements and testimonials, nor reward any inappropriate language, behaviour or misrepresentation of the company, its products and/or its brand, false reviews or for providing any investment advice on its behalf.

Other Benefits:

5 randomly selected ambassadors will receive 50 USD worth of MT Token each week!